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Packaging has become an essential part of our society. In the past century, packaging materials have become more sophisticated and efficient. However, much of this advancement is based on inventions that use packaging materials in a bad way. Using packaging materials in an environmentally friendly way can make the planet a better place. Additionally, using less packaging materials to manufacture goods makes manufacturers more efficient and reduces waste. In contrast, traditional packaging is complex, requires lots of resources and is difficult to reuse.

What is Smart Packaging?

Packaging can be made from several different materials— paper, plastic and metal to name a few. All packaging materials are meant to keep your goods safe during shipping and storage. Traditionally, paper-based packaging is used extensively— especially for food products. This is because it’s cheap and easy to process. In addition, traditional packages are not very sustainable as they tend to pollute the environment with CO2 when they’re discarded. Manufacturers of goods should use sustainable packaging when possible as this can help preserve the planet for future generations. Sustainability is best achieved with smart packaging that uses less resources and energy during manufacturing compared with traditional packages.

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